Doosan Machine Tools to Participate in IMTS 2018

Booths to be located at the front row in the main exhibition hall side by side with the world top ranking manufacturers. Total 17 machines will be displayed.

August 30, 2018 Seoul, South Korea – Doosan Machine Tools Co. (CEO: Kim Jae-seop) will participate in IMTS 2018, one of the largest machine tools exhibitions in the world to be held from September 10 to September 15 this year. in Chicago, United States. The International Manufacturing Technology Show is organized every other year, and about 2,000 exhibiting companies will participate in the coming exhibition with about 115,000 registrants.

In the IMTS 2018, Doosan Machine Tools will have an exhibition space of 15,675 ft2 at the front row of the main exhibition hall, side by side with the world top ranking machine tool manufacturers, showing off its presence as a global leader in the industry.

The company will displayed a total of 17 machines equipped with the latest technology, including new 5-axis machining center DVF 8000 and multi-tasking turning center PUMA SMX2600ST, both of which are to be first introduced in the U.S. market, as well as various industry solutions in the sectors of automation system, aviation, medical devices and automotive.

“In IMTS 2018, we will exhibit large numbers of new products meeting the requirements of American customers, together with the solutions for creating productivity and higher added-value through automation and convergence, which is today’s hot issue in the industry. I believe this will increase the sales in the United States, and consolidate our presence as the industry's leading machine tool manufacturer.”, said Mr. Kim Jae-seop, CEO of Doosan Machine Tools.

Doosan to Showcase the New 5-Axis DVF Series at IMTS 2018.

At IMTS 2018, Doosan Machine Tools will be featuring the DVF Series of compact 5-axis machining centers. The DVF Series takes its place in the company’s lineup of vertical machining centers specifically designed for cutting diverse and complex shapes.

The DVF 5000 comes standard with an 18,000r/min integral 40 taper spindle. A FANUC 31iB5 CNC controller makes full 5-axis simultaneous control possible, giving complete contouring capabilities. It also features a 500mm diameter (630mm option) built in rotary table. Available table supports allow a maximum weight of 880lbs and minimize any table deflection. The rotary table is designed for user-friendliness and consummate work efficiency, minimizing interference as the part is machined. Doosan also offers a DVF 5000 5 Face version with a FANUC 0iMF CNC controller and a 12,000r/min directly-coupled spindle.

The DVF 8000 is a larger full 5-axis machining center that incorporates many of the features of the DVF 5000, but has a larger (800mm diameter) rotary table which can support a maximum weight of 3,086 lbs.
Each machine comes with a 60-tool servo-driven automatic tool changer that can be expanded up to 120 tools, giving the customer more tooling to tackle complex parts that have varying profiles. An oil cooled spindle controls heat to minimize thermal issues. The DVF Series also incorporates roller LM guideways for speed and added rigidity. The machines’ compact footprint allows installation where floor space is limited or comes at a premium.

These VMCs offer a diverse range of tailored options and automation that make them ideal for unmanned machining. They come automation-ready and supplied with an optional/retrofittable AWC (Auto Workpiece Changer) which provides additional productivity by offering up to 12 pallets to feed the machine for unattended machining.

PUMA SMX2600ST, a multi-tasking turning center featuring enhanced efficiency by adding lower turret.

At IMTS 2018, Doosan Machine Tools will demonstrate its PUMA SMX super multi-tasking turning centers, which come with a lower turret for enhanced versatility and productivity. The turret is available on both the 10” chuck (PUMA SMX2600ST) and 12” chuck (PUMA SMX3100ST) models.

Doosan’s PUMA SMX Series is a twin-spindle, multi-tasking turning center built for completing complex parts in a single setup. Both turning spindles feature 0.0001° resolution on the C-axis for high precision contouring, and the 12,000 RPM dedicated milling spindle features 0.0001° resolution contouring B-axis as well. With a Y-axis stroke of 11.8” (300mm) and an orthogonal X/Y structure, part accuracy and machine accessibility are both improved.
The addition of a lower turret allows operators to be even more productive on a single CNC machine. A twelve-station static tool turret is standard on SMX ST models, and a 5,000 RPM milling turret is available as an option. The turret is also designed to accommodate steady rests, follow rests, tailstock centers and two-jaw vises.

DHF 8000, a horizontal machining center equipped with 5 axes simultaneous machining.

At IMTS 2018, Doosan Machine Tools will be showing the DHF 8000, an 800mm twin pallet 5 axis horizontal machining center with a nodding head. This HMC was specifically designed for the processing of large, complex parts such as those used in the aerospace, oil field and automotive industries.

The nodding head spindle rotates through 160 degrees (up/down) and has a maximum speed of 6,000 rpm, with 603Nm (444.75 ft-lbs) of torque. The Y and Z axis are fitted with dual ball screws to ensure greater structural stability and accuracy, while the column is designed with high static and dynamic rigidity to provide optimum machining performance.

The nodding head spindle and rotary table (axis A and B) allow the DHF 8000 to handle a complete range of machining processes from roughing to finishing in a single setup. This configuration makes quick work of multi-face workpieces and the 5-axis simultaneous machining of complex shapes.

This scaled-up HMC can easily support workpieces weighing up to 2 tons, allowing them to be machined with the same precision as their much smaller counterparts. Its large working area can readily hold parts up to 1400mm (55 in.) diameter.

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