DIMF 2023: DN Solutions Redefines State-of-the-Art for Machining Technology

How many companies do you know that hold their own international exhibition? For such an event to be successful, an organisation has to have scope, vision, advanced technology and the loyalty of manufacturers across the globe. There are only a handful of companies in the world that can accomplish that

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It’s been four long years since we have all been able to gather at the AMB exhibition. Virtual demonstrations, video conferences and slide presentations are fine, but they can’t replace the excitement of seeing the latest advances in machine tool technology performing before your very eyes. But the wait is

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Small-Scale Operation Creates New Opportunities through Automation

Swedish manufacturer Tutaryds Mekaniska Verkstad AB is creating new opportunities to achieve effective production even when working at a small-scale production site. The key was combining automation with the DN Solutions DVF 5000 5-axis machining center.

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Barron Engineering Stabilizes Production Amid Rising Demand with PUMA Line

As a company based in the motorsport industry with its head office in Harderwijik, the Netherlands, Barron Engineering specializes in the manufacture and design of rally cars, indoor go-karts and motocross bikes. Equipped with a production and facility infrastructure optimized for the making of prototypes and the mass production of core parts, the company has found solutions to the rising demand for the machining of aluminum, steel and alloys in the PUMA MX and the PUMA SMX, two of DN's multi-tasking machine tools.

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Doosan Machine Tools changes its name to DN Solutions

“The company will be reborn as a total manufacturing solutions provider.” Continue to prosper as one of global top three machine tool builders by identifying new growth opportunities.Generate synergistic effects with DN Automotive, an automotive parts manufacturer which became its parent company in January this year, tofurther grow.Exhibit flagship products

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Rasi Selects the DVF 5000 for Precision Cutting of Complex Aluminum Parts

Rasi Maskinfabrik A/S, is a Danish metal processing company that specializes in prototype and sample machining. Founded in 2006 by CEO Lars Jacobsen, the business has operated a variety of German and Japanese machine tools to meet its customer’s diverse needs and quality requirements. They recently purchased a DVF 5000 5-axis machining center from Doosan Machine Tools specifically to cut various aluminum parts.

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Ledder Metal Engineering Increases Productivity by 40% with the NHP 5000

When Ledder Metaaltechniek faced the challenge of increasing productivity throughout the company, they turned to Doosan Machine Tools. Specifically, to the NHP 5000 and the RPS 5000 pallet system it was equipped with.

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Raussendorf Maschinen Increases Efficiency by 300% With the Help of the DVF 5000

When German manufacturer Raussendorf wanted to add 5-axis capabilities to their shop, they called Doosan and installed a DVF 5000. The result: efficiency increased by 300%.

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Come to Hall 07 – Stand E10 F13 to see the latest difference-making Doosan technology.

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