5-Axis Mania: The Doosan DVF Series of Compact Vertical Machining Centers

Shops tell us that parts with diverse and complex shapes are a growing part of their product mix today and, frankly, transferring work pieces between machines is a big waste of time. Our engineers listened carefully, got to work, and came up with a winner: the brand new DVF Series of compact 5-axis vertical machining centers.

The DVF Series Essentials

Just what magic have our engineers come up with this time? Here’s the basic info. The DVF is a newly designed 5-axis vertical machining center that’s fully packaged to handle diverse 5-sided or simultaneous 5-axis applications to meet a variety of customer needs. The line consists of the DVF 5000 and its big brother, the DVF 8000.

The DVF 5000 comes standard with an 18,000 r/min integral Big Plus 40 taper spindle. A FANUC 31iB5 CNC controller makes full 5-axis simultaneous control possible, giving complete contouring capabilities. It also features a 500mm diameter (630mm option) built-in rotary table. Standard table with outboard support allows a maximum weight of 882 lbs. and minimizes any table deflection. The rotary table is designed for ease of use and consummate work efficiency, minimizing interference as the part is machined.

The DVF 8000 shares many of the features of the DVF 5000, but is far bigger and has a much different structure, incorporating dual ballscrews and motors on the Y axis and dual motors driving the A axis along with a direct drive C axis. It has a larger (800mm diameter) rotary table that supports a maximum weight of 3,086 lbs. The twin-drive table rotates at 60 r/min so you can make parts faster.

Tell you more? You got it. Here’s a little Q&A we put together for you.

Q: Can the DVF Series be automated for unattended operation?

A: These VMCs offer a diverse range of tailored options and automation that make them ideal for unmanned machining. They come automation-ready and supplied with an optional/retrofittable AWC (Auto Work piece Changer) that provides additional productivity by offering up pallets to feed the machine for unattended machining. The 5000 will hold 8 pallets.

Q: How many tools can the DVF Series hold?

A: The DVF 5000 comes standard with a 30-tool servo-driven automatic tool changer (40 ,60, 90 and 120-tool ATCs are optional). The DVF 8000 comes standard with a 40-tool ATC (60, 90 and 120-tool ATCs are optional). The options give you more tooling to tackle complex parts that have varying profiles.

Q: What about long-term accuracy?

A: Doosan's standard thermal compensation system features multiple sensors placed across critical structures such as the bed, column and spindle head assembly to minimize any thermal growth effects. The DVF Series also incorporates roller LM guideways for speed and added rigidity.

Q: How do they handle chips?

A: Like a charm. They have 12 coolant nozzles in the machining area to flush out chips in all directions. They also have a large volume tank and an ATC magazine shutter to protect the ATC pockets. A side discharge chip conveyor is available.

Q: Will the machines fit in a tight space?

A: You bet! The machines’ compact footprint allows installation where floor space is limited or comes at a premium. The DVF 5000 is 106.3” (2,700mm) by 86.8” (2,205mm) and the DVF 8000 is 161.3” (4,097mm) by 125.5” (3,188mm).

Q: How wide is the door?

A: Both models have wider door openings to allow easy and unrestricted access from the front. The DVF 5000 door is 35.4” (900mm) wide and the DVF 8000 is 39.3” (1,000mm) wide.

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