The Compact DNM 4000 Punches Well Above its Weight

Barry Sanders stood just 5 feet, 8 inches tall, but he routinely embarrassed bigger and scarier players en route to NFL pay dirt. There’s no doubt he was one of the most exciting players in NFL history. Replays of his games are still fun to watch because, despite a lack of bulk, he got the job done in style and better than anyone else. On a related note, we recently added the DNM 4000 to our line of vertical machining centers. It gets the job done right, especially when size is an issue. Think of it as the Barry Sanders of the Doosan lineup.

Great in Tight Spots
The DNM 4000 was designed with lean cells in mind – applications where machines are just inches apart, but productivity and cutting performance are still essential. It has a compact exterior of only 65” wide X 112” deep X 108“ high while still providing sufficient axes travels. The eco-friendly coolant system discharges in the rear of the machine to save space. The DNM 4000 can even be lowered onto castors and redeployed from place to place in the line as required. This combination of size and flexibility is perfect for industries with high production runs of small parts. You know the type: medical, aerospace, automotive, job shops, firearms and others.

Small, but Mighty
This size-efficient VMC was purposefully developed to be compact and tough. The standard Big Plus dual contact 40 taper spindle lets it take a hefty cut out of harder metals. 30 taper drill & tap machines with a similar footprint just can’t match it for overall cutting performance.
And fast? It has all the reliability and precision you expect from the DNM line of vertical machining centers. And thanks to the faster rapid traverse rate, and improved acceleration rates, productivity is off the charts. Add the 12,000 RPM spindle to the mix and you get drastically reduced cycle and non-cutting time.
And don’t forget strong! Enhanced rigidity is provided by a newly designed structure with oversized ballscrews and roller type linear guides.

Feature Packed
Just like Sanders, the DNM 4000 is a hard charger right off the line. It comes standard with a long list of features so you can put it right to work. These include a highly reliable 20-tool capacity magazine with a 1.3 second tool-to-tool time. The grease lubrication system eliminates the need for an oil skimmer and reduces lubrication costs by about 60%. The FANUC i operation panel with Easy Operation Package (EOP) software developed by Doosan's own technology provides numerous functions designed for convenient operation. The 2-door design with the largest opening width in its class allows for easy machine access.

Let’s Crunch Some Numbers
We had an independent 3rd party put the DNM 4000 through its paces next to a popular 30 taper drill & tap machine. You know what? The DNM 4000 reduced noise level by an average of 6.5 decibels, improved surface finish by an average of 9.6RA and increased tool life by an average of 42%. Given the huge improvement in cutting capability, one small parts manufacturer we know experienced a 30% reduction in cycle time.
We still make the big machines and multi-tasking turning centers that do everything but walk the dog, but if you need the increased productivity and performance of a true cutting machine in a compact package, put a Doosan DNM 4000 in your corner. Don’t worry. It’ll fit.

To learn more, call your local Doosan distributor or contact us today.

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