Meet the Machine Built for World-Class Aerospace Shops

Hope you’re ready for your aerospace work to take off. The moment the HFP 1540 makes its first part, your productivity will instantly rank among the global elite. Long story short: Doosan’s all-new horizontal 5-axis profiler was built to quickly machine some of the largest aluminum structural components you have.

The 2019 Aerospace Outlook is Bright

Perhaps the shop best suited for the HFP 1540 is the one that’s ready to diversify its aerospace work and jump into machining some of the largest parts in the industry. Wise move. According to a 2019 outlook from Deloitte, the industry will continue its ascension this year after a solid 2018.

There is currently a large commercial aircraft order backlog. On top of that, defense spending is expected to be significant in the coming years as countries around the world ramp up military equipment production.

In short, the time is right to invest in a next-level aerospace machine.

More Muscle

Let’s talk about the size and strength in the HFP 1540 for a minute. Large workpieces (up to 4 meters by 1.5 meters; 3,000 kg maximum) are easily accommodated with the impressive X/Y/Z travels of 165 inches/63 inches/22 inches (4200mm/1600mm/550mm), and the machine’s rapid traverse of 2,362 ipm gives excellent cycle time—even with the big table and long travels. Typically, machines like this might be made of two or three pieces. But with the HFP’s integrated uni-body frame, stability and rigidity increases.

Major Speed. Automation-Ready.

The lightning-fast 30,000 r/min universal head spindle is powered by a 100 horsepower motor. It’s got the speed and power you need for high-volume aluminum removal. Plus, thanks to the capabilities of the 5-axis universal head, the HFP 1540 is capable of angles you would not get with a typical horizontal machine. And for even more productivity, the linear shuttle-type pallet changer tilts into the machine work envelope via servo-driven arms.

To support its massive metal removal rates, the HFP’s high speed scraper-type chip conveyor has a capacity of 427 cubic inches (7,000 cm3) per minute, and the coolant tank has a 396-gallon (1,500-liter) capacity. 1000 psi coolant thru spindle comes standard, helping with proper chip evacuation, thermal control and improved tool life.

If you’re wondering what machine will instantly elevate your shop’s aerospace work to world-class heights, there’s a new answer: The HFP 1540. It’s a remarkable chip-maker, and it’s only from Doosan.

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