Big and Heavy Parts Call for Doosan Vertical Turning Centers

When it comes to machining mega-heavy parts in tight spaces, your two best friends are Doosan and gravity. Our contribution comes from a line of Vertical Turning Centers (VTC) that are strong, rigid and flexible. The vertical design makes gravity work for you since the workpiece sits straight on top of the workholding as opposed to hanging off the side like on a horizontal turning center. This puts less weight limitations on the size of the components you can machine. We put a lot of thought into this series of machines to ensure there’s a model that’s perfect for your requirements. From maxed-out turning diameters to serious machining in a small footprint, we’ve got you covered.

Quick Quiz: Why VTC?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Q: Are you thinking of multiple machines in cells with minimum floorspace?

Q: Do you want to machine larger diameter workpieces like aerospace or oil/gas parts?

Q: Do your workpieces require boxway heavy-duty turning (heavy cutting loads)?

Q: Are aggressive interrupted cuts part of your machining process?

Q: Are your parts so heavy they may require a crane to unload?

If you answered yes to any of the above, keep reading. You’re in the right place.


This VTC is one of our top sellers and a great choice if you have minimal floor space but require serious machining. Automotive parts like brake rotors or transmission housings are perfect examples.

This turret style vertical lathe has a smaller footprint than your typical horizontal turning center (just 58" x 82"). Boxway construction provides better machining of harder materials and dampens vibrations, which leads to better tool life. It’s perfect for high tolerance parts where locating datums benefit from having gravity work in your favor by securing the part more accurately in the workholding device.

The PUMA V400 shines in environments that are production oriented and can benefit from automation. Considering that it comes in both right- and left-hand configurations, you could pair two of them side-by-side running OP10 and OP20. Part handling could be done either manually (the ergonomics are excellent) or by robot. Incorporate them into a cell with other types of machinery to handle secondary operations. Better still, BMT milling turret models are available to minimize separate milling ops.


  • 12” - 15” chuck size range
  • 19.5” max turn diameter
  • 18.1” max turn height

PUMA V8300

Another bestseller, the PUMA V8300 is a step up in size from the PUMA V400. Its boxway construction, combined with plenty of torque, allows it to handle exotic materials with ease. Thanks to its larger size, the PUMA V8300 has a broader audience since it can handle larger automotive parts as well as workpieces for the agriculture, mining, gas and aerospace industry segments.

For versatility, the PUMA V8300 also comes in both right- and left-hand configurations for running multiple machining operations. It comes standard with a 12-tool turret and is available with 12-tool automatic tool changer (ATC). If you machine parts that require long tools such as a boring bar, the ATC can save a lot of collision headaches. Long tools that remain in the standard turret can interfere with the part or the workholding, and the ATC allows you to keep longer tools out of the work envelope of the machine but remain accessible. Just like its little brother, BMT milling turret models are available to minimize separate milling ops.


  • 15” - 24” chuck size range
  • 32” max turn diameter
  • 29.5” max turn height


Our RAM VTCs feature even more rigidity than our turret models, which means they can handle heavier turning operations, not to mention more turning capacity with a jump in maximum turning diameter. The RAM configuration also reduces the frequency of collisions even more. The PUMA VTR1012F is a fixed rail vertical turning center with boxway construction designed for large diameter parts in a small space. It features a compact footprint with rear discharge chip disposal. It’s perfect for big diameter, shorter parts such as those found in the aerospace, construction and wind turbine industries.

The PUMA VTR1012F comes with a large capacity tool magazine (24 tools standard). A quad type tool allows for high productivity with four static tools, minimizing the number of tool changes. This equates to shorter cycle time. Pairing the automatic tool changer/magazine with the quad type holders brings maximum productivity.


  • 40” chuck size
  • 49.2” max turn diameter
  • 29.5” max turn height


The PUMA VTR1216 is a big moving cross rail vertical turning center that comes with a W-axis. The W-axis gives more height clearance for parts than the PUMA VTR1012F does. More height in the VTC means more flexibility in the parts you can machine. This is really the deciding factor in whether you should go with a fixed rail or W-axis machine.

The PUMA VTR1216 is usually used for large, heavy-duty castings often seen in agriculture, mining and aerospace.


  • 55” chuck size
  • 63” max turn diameter
  • 49.2” max turn height

PUMA V8300 Mini Case Study

A major aerospace manufacturer was machining raw castings and forgings made from an exotic metal. As can often happen with castings and forgings, inconsistent quality made things challenging. While the competition offered a linear guide machine with faster rapids, we stuck with our recommendation of boxway machines based on the issues at hand. Heavy cutting loads were a given for this manufacturing facility.

The customer saw the value in our argument that minimizing vibration and noise was key to the making heavier cuts. A heavy-duty boxway machine is the best way to do that. The clincher was an internal study showing the savings in perishable tooling expense over time using Doosan. A PUMA V8300 with ATC was soon delivered. They now have six Doosan machines on the line.

Whatever industry you cater to, if you’re machining big and heavy, we have a VTC that will match up with your needs. Just contact us and we’d be happy to discuss the particulars.

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