Customers Asked for a New Cat: We Delivered the Lynx 2600SY

The Lynx family has been around for over 15 years, and Doosan has added more capability and upgraded the technology continuously over time. While our first model was a simple 2-axis turning center (which we still offer to this day), the addition of live tools, bigger chuck sizes, longer beds, sub-spindles and Y-axes has made the Lynx family a highly versatile machine series. The tradition continues with the introduction of the Lynx 2600SY.

A New Player in the Lineup

As many knowledgeable machinists know, the popular Lynx 2100LSYB is one heck of a machine. It’s consistently on our best seller list, giving us a dominant market share in the 6-8" chuck size turning machine with sub-spindle and Y-axis. But if you want to jump from there to the next available sub and Y machine in the Doosan lineup, you have to move up to our larger PUMA 2600SY boxway machine. So, there was a gap there and we needed to fill it.

Customers Lead the Way

The voice of the customer has always been important to our engineers when designing new machines. In fact, two teams make it a point to visit two dozen shops throughout the country each year to get real feedback straight from the machinists themselves.

More than half of the customers who responded to our inquires on the Lynx series were job shops who need versatility and flexibility to respond to their customers’ varying needs. This means all types of jobs and materials. Many of them were hoping for faster cycle times on their aluminum barstock or die castings, especially if they happened to be doing them on older boxway machines.

Others wanted the ability to hand off parts from the main to the sub-spindle to finish off the backside.

And then there are the guys doing rotor shafts for motors who wanted a sufficient turn length and Y-axis capabilities for off-center applications.

What were their ideas on a new model in the Lynx series? Keep all the good things from the Lynx 2100LSYB (fast linear cross roller guideways, machining capability for aggressive cuts, etc.) and make it just a little bit bigger. So, we did.

The Lynx 2600SY

Chuck size

Main spindle: 10" / Sub-spindle: 6 or 8"


Max turn diameter 14.9"

Max turn length 24"


Main spindle: 3,500 r/min (25HP) / Sub-spindle: 4,500 r/min (15HP)


12 station / 24 position


4.13” travel

The Lynx family has always taken a modular approach to accessories, so bar feeders and parts catchers are available to help with light automation. Gantries are expected to be available in the future.

Adding the Awesome

When we finished up the specs on the new machine, we thought about throwing in something new, just to put the icing on the cake. That would be the latest controller from FANUC, the 0i-TF Plus, available with standard iHMI interface. The control is equipped with the usual Doosan EZ guide conversational programming feature, but doesn't take away the traditional G-code programming language. The 0i-TF Plus also features 3D part views that will offer more detail.

If you have more questions about the new Lynx 2600SY, contact us, we're always happy to chat.

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