Impact CNC Adds Five NHP 8000 machines to Its Collection of 50+ Doosans

Impact CNC is an award-winning contract CNC manufacturer based in Columbia City, Indiana. Using the latest state-of-the-art equipment, the company machines parts for the agriculture, industrial, construction, off road and transportation industries.

The business began in 2012 when a leader in industrial lift trucks approached one of the founders, Jerry Busche (now President/Owner), with an $8 million RFQ.

Doosan From the Start

Impact CNC provided Doosan with a Purchase Order for [15] machines, based on winning the order. It covered a variety of models, including V400 VTL's, 630mm pallet horizontal machining centers and Mynx series horizontal lathes. “Quality construction, outstanding reliability, availability, customer support and excellent price points were key points in Doosan’s favor,” Jerry said. Impact CNC won the bid and three years later, the customer awarded them one of their highest awards based on Excellence, Safety, Quality, Cost and Delivery.

NHP 8000 Gets the Call

The company’s latest purchase from Doosan was based on a bid from a major agricultural manufacturer for the production of the mid-frame for a tractor. According to Jerry, “It's basically one of the first components required when producing the vehicle.” It involves the machining of two 500-pound castings made of ductile cast iron that are bolted together and then machined again. This results in a 1,000-pound casting, which requires a big 800mm size horizontal machining center.

The NHP 8000 is a perfect fit for the part and application, requiring the use of most of the XYZ travel, and the 24.8" maximum tool length being the biggest benefit. The NHP 8000 machines have a CAT50 Big Plus 10,000 r/min spindle powered by a 50 horsepower motor that outputs 310 ft-lb of torque. The 800mm pallet can withstand total weight capacity of 4,400 lbs and has a work cylinder of ø57.08" x 61.02" (h). With a 60-tool magazine, 1,000 psi coolant thru spindle and a full 4th axis, this is exactly what was needed.

Doosan Commitment

What was more important was timing and availability. Although the machines were not in stock at the time of RFQ, Doosan and Ellison Technologies were committed to working together to deliver as quickly as possible. The paperwork was completed in November, with the first batch of machines arriving just a few months later in January, and the others following quickly after.

NHP 8000 in Action

While still in the fine-tuning stage, Jerry says the newest Doosan machines in the shop are living up to the standards Impact CNC has come to expect. They have two NHPs machining the 550 lb casting halves, two more that machine those castings once they're assembled (1,000 lbs), and a 5th machine as a spare. PDQ (a well-known custom workholding company) built all the hydraulic fixturing so those machines have constant connection hydraulics, a big advantage in any high-volume production environment. In that five-machine line is also a clean out station and leak test station, not to mention a cobot vision inspection station and laser barcode process for full validation/traceability.

Ellison Technologies has been key to offering knowledge of all the different ways of machining with the Doosan product line. “We have a great engineering staff, so we don’t need a lot of application support,” Jerry said. “But when we have a new idea, we always run it up the hill to get their take on it.”

How Doosan Stacks Up

Impact CNC has had plenty of experience with other brands of machine tools, including some of the top Japanese builders. While every machine tool builder has its pluses and minuses, Jerry thinks Doosan machine tools are right there. “I’d even say they are better when it comes to machine build, offered specifications, reliability and durability,” he said.

Doosan Reliability

Big heavy castings made from ductile cast iron are Impact CNC's forte. This requires big heavy-duty machines that are able to take the big cuts. The vertical turning lathes and boxway machines that the company purchased in the past are testament to that. Ductile cast iron applications tend to wreak havoc on machines when it comes to proper chip evacuation. “With our quality preventative maintenance program, the Doosan machines have held up very well,” Jerry said.

Building the Business

Impact CNC has continuously grown its operations over the years, from building out its team of skilled machinists to expanding its operating space to 163,000 square feet. In 2016, Inc. magazine ranked Impact CNC #50 of the 500 Fastest Growing Privately Owned American Companies. In the same year, the company was ranked the #2 company in Manufacturing for the state of Indiana. The company now does $50 million in annual sales a year, has 120 employees and keeps a collection of 50-60 Doosan machines in operation at any given time.

In 2020, even with the COVID-19 pandemic, Impact CNC expects a 30% growth overall.

Work/Life Balance Innovation

In January of 2019, Impact CNC started a groundbreaking swing shift schedule. They offer three full-time rotating shifts, where their employees work three 12-hour days a week, while being compensated for a full 40 hours on their weekly paycheck. This provides an unheard-of work/life balance for workers in a manufacturing environment. “Since we implemented the new program, turnover has dropped to near zero,” Jerry said. “Our workers get more free time and our customers get the benefit of a stable work force building their components now and in the future.”

Whether you have 50 Doosans like Impact CNC, or are looking to purchase your very first one, contact us and our professional staff will match the perfect machine to your needs.

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