Rasi Selects the DVF 5000 for Precision Cutting of Complex Aluminum Parts

Rasi Maskinfabrik A/S, is a Danish metal processing company that specializes in prototype and sample machining. Founded in 2006 by CEO Lars Jacobsen, the business has operated a variety of German and Japanese machine tools to meet its customer’s diverse needs and quality requirements. They recently purchased a DVF 5000 5-axis machining center from Doosan Machine Tools specifically to cut various aluminum parts.

Experience and diversity

Jacobsen has a wealth of experience in the area of high-precision machining. He believes the main reason why Rasi has grown so successfully is that it has worked hard to secure cutting- edge engineering technologies and machining know-how for a vast array of materials. These include not only metals such as steel and brass, but also nonferrous metals and even plastics.

Enter aluminum

Aluminum is a recent addition to the mix. “When cutting aluminum parts, which have a high thermal expansion coefficient, the stability of the machine tools themselves is critical,” said Jacobsen. “Just as vital, in order to prevent the deformation of workpieces, is the machine tool’s response to internal and external environments in terms of internal stress, cutting force and cutting heat.”

An excellent acquisition

Jacobsen expressed his satisfaction with the performance of the DVF 5000, saying, “The DVF 5000 meets our company’s machining and quality criteria, demonstrating outstanding performance in the cutting of aluminum workpieces with complex shapes.

“We enjoy a high degree of reliability and productivity with this excellent machine tool,” he said.

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