Raussendorf Maschinen Increases Efficiency by 300% With the Help of the DVF 5000

When German manufacturer Raussendorf wanted to add 5-axis capabilities to their shop, they called Doosan and installed a DVF 5000. The result: efficiency increased by 300%.

After being in business for over 150 years, it’s not surprising that Upper Lusatia based Raussendorf Maschinen is known for their top-notch quality and technical expertise. Providing contract manufacturing services for machinery, plant engineering and agricultural machinery, satisfying the needs of their customers is always their main focus.

Stefan Hannenheim—CEO of Raussendorf—drives this goal forward by continuing to build their capabilities and expanding their scope within various industries. In 2019, they added the Doosan DVF 5000—a 5-axis machining center built with cutting-edge technology, ergonomic accessibility, and an automation-ready framework. This addition gave the company the ability to offer universal machining to their customers.

Life with a DVF 5000

“Among our 17 machines, the DVF 5000 is the one we’re the happiest with; we’ve marveled at its abilities,” said Robert Redman, Production Manager at Raussendorf. 

Since it’s purchase in 2019, Raussendorf has been able to increase efficiency by 300% thanks to the range of technical advantages the DVF brings to the table. Increased efficiency, perfect deburring and the flexible production of various workpieces are all included on the list of improvements.

“The DVF 5000 provides our customers with huge savings on both machining and cycle times. We make the most out of the swivel rotary table it’s equipped with, allowing us to machine 4 workpieces simultaneously with a single setup,” Robert continued.  

Raussendorf gains impressive improvements all around

The previous machine Raussendorf was using took up to 12 minutes to clamp and machine a single component. The DVF, on the other hand, is capable of clamping 4 components at once in the exact same amount of time. 

“No time is wasted, not even a single moment,” Robert said of the DVF’s tool change speed. Its tool changer is faster than any other machines at Raussendorf. 

With the help of the 5-axis machining center, Raussendorf machines workpieces from softer materials, like aluminum and plastic, to harder materials such as castings, steel, stainless-steel and Hardox. The high level of complex machining that the 5-axis machining center provides is advantageous to everyone involved. “We love the capabilities, and our customers love that we can machine a myriad of complex parts in small or large quantities on a single machine,” Robert said.

More growth is on the horizon

Raussendorf has been so impressed that they’re planning to expand the range of the DVF 5000 to manufacture brackets for aligner gauges, indexing pins and cam prototypes for the automotive industry as well.

Curious about how a 5-axis machining center from Doosan could take your shop’s capabilities to impressive new heights and make your customers as pleased as Raussendorf’s are? The first step is easy: contact a local distributor near you to get started.

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