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Digital Tour: PUMA SMX Series Production Line

You’re about to see how the sausage is made, if the sausage was a multi-tasking horizontal machining center, that is. It’s time for a digital tour through the PUMA SMX Series production line at DN Solutions' Namsam Factory

Digital Tour: DVF Series Production Line

Join us for a peek into DN Solutions' Namsam Factory for a digital tour of the DVF Series assembly line. You’re about to get a behind the scenes look at these 5-axis vertical machining centers, including walkthroughs of large-scale machine and grinding lines, high precision bed machining and much more.

The PUMA TT1300SYY: Double Duty

Twin spindles, twin turrets and dual Y-axis. With the PUMA TT1300SYY, you’re seeing double all over the place. It’s a game-changing turning center, and it’s versatile enough to be a fit in virtually any shop.

The PUMA SMX5100L Can’t Be Stopped

When even 9-axis mill-turns aren’t enough, you need the largest model in our multi-tasking series: the PUMA SMX5100L. With a maximum turn length of ten feet, it was designed for some of the largest workpieces out there. Take a look.

The Lynx 2600SY Has Landed

You told us, we listened. For the shops who need a bit more size from their smaller turning centers, here you go: The Lynx 2600SY, the largest in the bestselling turning center family.

Machines: PUMA VTR1012FC – The Aerospace Component Juggernaut

If you’re looking to machine larger aerospace components, then you need the PUMA VTR1012FC in your lineup. Say hello to the toughest vertical machining center in the industry, offering extended tool life and maximized performance on tough metals.

Machines: DBM 2540 - Crushing Jobs and Expectations

With its 73-horsepower, 8,000-RPM spindle with optional head attachments, and 20-ton load capacity, the DBM 2540 is the heavy-hogging powerhouse you’ve been waiting for.

Machines: DN Solutions HFP 1540

Want your aerospace work to take flight? Welcome in the HFP 1540, our ultra-fast 5-axis profiler.

Machines: DN Solutions DVF 6500

The DVF 6500 starts to make a difference the moment it’s installed on your shop floor. It’s fast, compact and automation-ready.

Machines: DN Solutions NHP 5000 with Rotary Pallet System

On its own, the NHP 5000 is a generational linear guide horizontal machining center. It packs massive metal removal in a compact layout. And when paired with a Rotary Pallet System, things really get crazy.

Machines: DVF 5000 - The Automation-Ready 5-Axis Powerhouse

Need 5-axis in your life? The DVF just might be the best option on the planet. You won’t easily find more performance per dollar, and when you add automation options, that productivity skyrockets.

Machines: DN Solutions DNM Vertical Machining Center

With direct drive spindle technology and an insane amount of built-in features, the DNM line of vertical machining centers offers unbeatable performance and features per dollar. Finish strong.Get the DNM in your shop.

Machines: DN Solutions NHP Series

Say goodbye to wasted time, wasted space and wasted money, and say hello to the NHP series: an unbeatable horizontal machining center in a compact layout. It’s a business-changer, and it’s only from DN Solutions.

Machines: DN Solutions PUMA 2600SY II

Your next turning center has arrived. The DN Solutions PUMA 2600SY was engineered specifically for shops that make precision parts out of tough-to-machine materials.

Machines: DN Solutions PUMA TW2600 with Gantry Loader

If your shop machines high-volume parts, your go-to workhorse is here. Introducing the PUMA TW 2600-GL. No wasted movement and no wasted time.

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