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Doosan Machine Tools America Privacy Policy

The Doosan Machine Tools America (“DMTA") complies with the relevant statutory provisions regarding the protection of personal information, including the Personal Information Protection Act and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection. DMTA further commits to safeguarding the rights and interests of the owners and holders of personal information, such as its customers, staff and website users, and has established its own Privacy and Information Processing Policy, in accordance with the relevant legislation.

DMTA, through its Privacy and Information Processing Policy, etc., notifies the purposes and procedures of the collection of personal information, as well as the relevant protection measures. In case of any update or revision to the Policy, DMTA will announce the change either on its website’s notice or by means of individual communication.

DMTA’s Privacy and Information Processing Policy is composed of three parts pertaining to: the “Personal Information Processing Policy” for the protection of the personal information of all information holders with whom DMTA deals; the “Personal Information Handling Policy” regarding the information of website users; and the “Visual Information Processing Equipment Management Policy” which manages the personal information used in visual processing.

However, other affiliated websites of Doosan Machine Tools may have different policies.

1. Privacy and Information Processing Policy

01. General Rules

Personal information is information regarding a living person. That is, personal information refers to information that through which a person can be identified such as name, resident registration number, and image. This includes information which may not identify a person on its own, but when combined with other information, may identify a person. A personal information provider is a person who can be identified by the processed information. DMTA will disclose the Privacy and Information Processing Policy on the first page of its Website so that you can always easily review the policy. When the Policy is amended, we will publicly notify you of the amendment through a notice on our Website or individually.

02. Processed Personal Information and Processing Purpose

Unless permitted by relevant laws and regulations or without the personal information provider’s prior consent, DMTA will not process any sensitive information and personal identification information issued for the purpose of identifying an individual that may seriously infringe the privacy of personal information provider.

A. Processed Information
[ Concerning customers ]

Name, postal address, email, company name, service usage data, access information, cookies, and IP address.

[ Concerning employment with DMTA ]
Name, resident registration number, photo, password, postal address, telephone number, cellphone number, email, education, military service, foreign language competence, computer competence, license/certificate, family, and work experience.

B. Purposes of Processing
[ Concerning customers ]

- Member management and customer service including handling of complaints
- Online market research or opinion poll
- Marketing or advertising
- Service offerings and settlement of fees

[ Concerning employment with DMTA ]
- Recruitment screening and contact with applicants
- Wage/salary payment, fringe benefits, HR management including various job performance supports, and evaluations.

03. Processing and the Retention Period of Personal Information

Once the purposes of collection and the use of personal information are met and completed, generally, the relevant information will be promptly destroyed. However, we will retain the following information during the period and for the reasons specified below, and we will obtain consent from the person who provided his or her own personal information, as necessary.

- Retained information (Customer) : Name, postal address, email, and company name
- Retention period : One year
- Reason of retention : User inquiries/requests control, user identification, etc.

- Retained information (Customer) : Service usage data, access information, cookies, and IP address
- Retention period : Three years
- Reason of retention : Improve service quality through data analysis of the user’s service usage

- Retained information (Employment) : Name, resident registration number, photo, password, postal address, telephone number, cellphone number, email, education, military service, foreign language competence, computer competence, license/certificate, family, and work experience
- Retention period : Until the expiration of employment relationship However, the personal information of an applicant for employment, who was not employed, will be retained for 5 years for future employment management purposes with the person’s consent.
- Reason of retention : wage/salary payment, fringe benefit, HR management including various job performance supports, and evaluations
※ However, the personal information of an applicant, who was not employed, will be discarded immediately after the completion of the employment.

04. How Personal Information is Destroyed

Any personal information saved in an electronic file format will be deleted using a technology that prevents the recovery of the deleted records. The personal information retained on paper will be shredded or burned.

05. Disclosure of Personal Information to a Third Party

DMTA will collect personal information within the scope of the purpose of the collection, and will not use your personal information beyond the scope of collection purpose or offer or disclose it to a third party. However, the following are the exceptions to the above rule:

  • Consent was received from the person who provided his or her own personal information.
  • In accordance with specific provisions in other relevant laws.
  • The person providing their own personal information or his/her legal representative is in a state in which an opinion/intention cannot be expressed, or prior consent cannot be gained due to an invalid address, but disclosure to a third party is urgently needed for the sake of the data provider or a third party’s life, body, and property.
  • If necessary for statistical purposes and academic studies, where personal information is provided in a way as not to identify a specific individual.

DMTA currently offers personal information to third parties as follows:

  • Authorized Dealers of DMTA
  • Offered personal information : Name, address, contact information
  • Usage purpose : Sales leads
  • Retention and use period : Indefinitely

06. Contracting of Personal Information Processing

DMTA will not delegate or contract personal information processing to an outside agency without your consent. We contract personal information processing, and regulate necessary matters/issues so that personal information can be appropriately handled under the relevant laws and regulations.

07. Rights and Obligations of Informers and Methods to Exercise the Rights

All personal information providers providing their personal information may request the inspection, revision, deletion, and cessation of the processing of their personal information. However, DMTA may deny such a request in whole or in part in the following cases:

  • When specifically required under the law or to comply with obligations under laws and regulations;
  • When there is a concern for harm to another person’s life or property, or when there is a concern of unlawfully infringing upon another person’s property;
  • In a case where the service contracted with the personal information provider cannot be offered without processing his or her personal information, or when it is difficult to perform the service contracted with the personal information provider, but her or she does not clearly express his/her intention to terminate the contract.

Method and Procedure to Exercise Rights

A personal information provider wanting to exercise the above rights regarding their personal information may complete the Read/Inspect, Revise, Delete, and Suspend the Processing Form and sent it by email or fax to the department in charge of personal information (See “09. Customer Request Service on Personal Information” concerning the department). Unless there is a legitimate reason, DMTA will take respond to same within 10 days of receiving such a request. When there is a reason to reject or restrict the request, we will inform you of the reason and a method to appeal the decision within 10 days after receiving the request. When the concerned person or legal representative makes a request as above, we can confirm the identity of the person or legal representatives by checking their identification cards such as a resident registration card or a recognized electronic signature.

08. Technical, Administrative, and Physical Protection Measures for Personal Information

DMTA takes the following safeguards in handling personal information so that it will not be lost, stolen, leaked, modified, or damaged:

< Technical actions >

DMTA uses reasonable commercial efforts to comply with the criteria set forth by laws and regulations for the safe storage and transmission of personal information. We protect against computer viruses by using a vaccine program. The vaccine program is periodically updated, but if there is a sudden emergenc of a new virus, we will implement the appropriate vaccine as soon as it becomes available so that personal information infringement can be prevented. To deal with outside infiltration, including hacking, we use an infiltration interruption system and a weakness analysis system.

< Administrative actions >

DMTA uses reasonable commercial efforts to restrict the rights to access personal information to the following cases: a person carrying out sales and marketing activity involving the personal information provider, a person engaging in personal information management, or a person whose task requires the use of personal information. We conduct regular in-house training and external commissioned training for those employees that handle personal information, and we thoroughly manage and supervise them to comply with the laws and regulations regarding personal information protection.

< Physical actions >

DMTA uses reasonable commercial efforts to protect personal information; we limit physical access to the information through the use of locks and similar devices. We control access to the computer room and archives by designating and operating them as specially protected areas.

09. Customer Request Service for Personal Information

DMTA has appointed the following department and personal information protection administrator to protect personal information and to process complaints related to personal information:

Department in Charge of Personal Information

  1. Department : DMTA Sales & Marketing
  2. Tel : 973-618-2500
  3. Email : dia.sales[AT]
  4. Business hours : (Mon.-Fri.) 09:00 – 18:00, and closed on Saturdays and Sundays
  5. 10. Obligation of Public Notification

When the current Privacy and information Processing Policy is amended or deleted, the changes will become effective when notice of such change is posted.

Date of Public Notification: March 10, 2014
Date of Enforcement: March 10, 2014

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